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Spanning the generations is the main thing in Steve Gunn’s new video Ancient Jules.

In the video I’m on a road trip and l’m lost and broken down on the side of the road for a while. Michael happens to drive by and come to the rescue. I leave my motorcycle and we go back to his place and proceed to drink wine, talk, listen to records, and play some guitars. I thought making a video with Michael for this song would be an appropriate salute to him, and I was glad he agreed to do it. Michael has been a huge inspiration and friend to me for a while now, and I’ve been trying to get out to his house for a visit for years. I’ve heard so much about it – that it’s really this legendary place. He’s been in this old stone farm house on the UK/Scottish border since the mid sixties. Nick Drake showed up and slept on his couch one night. It’s a time capsule, and Michael has some of the most incredible stories. The guitar that I play in the video was once played by Jimi Hendrix at the legendary Les Cousins club in London in the late 1960’s. Michael accidentally napped through Jimi’s set in his car outside.

It’s take from his forthcoming solo album Eyes On The Lines and I hope UK jazz/folk guitar legend Michael Chapman will not only appear in the video. I mean have you heard his latest record Fish? It’s so good. Anyway here’s Ancient Jules.


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