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Living and growing up in Berlin also means going to shows at SO36. Unfortunately I can’t remember which one my first concert was, but maybe I find it in this great new anthology book about Kreuzberg’s famous venue. (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a Slapshot show.)


It’s a time travel in photos through Berlin’s subculture with Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris), Claus Ritter (Male), Frieder Butzmann, Frank Z. (Abwärts), Bettina Köster (Malaria), Charly Harper (UK SUBS), Mark Reeder (Die Unbekannten), Henry Rollins (Black FLag), Lou Koller (Sick of it All), Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Page Hamilton (Helmet) and many more.



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  1. As it happens, I was looking at this yesterday! I know how to integrate WLSA into a research tab but I di87;#d21n&t do it because the results in research tabs (i looked at the Word 2007 ones) are not insertable into the document. They are just links.Is this what you were looking for?Again, please feel free to contact me offline if you want.

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