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Snowing was an emo punk band from Pennsylvania and was formed in summer 2008. After three years of writing songs, touring and making a record and a couple of 7″s the band decided to split up in 2011. Buh.

Their label Square Of Opposition gladly decided to release a collection of songs that wasn’t on their proper LP, I Could Do Whatever I Wanted if I Wanted.

So, That Time I Sat In A Pile Of Chocolate compiles the Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit 7″, the original recording of Pump Fake, the 2 song tour tape, an early version of “You Bring Something…No” from the Ticklebutt records tape compilation, the Pump Fake/Scherbatsky 7″and Big Weed from the 4-way split 7″ with Algernon Cadwallader, 1994!, and Boys and Sex.

You’ll dig (and love) this if you’re into jangly emo / indie a la Braid or Cap’n Jazz.

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