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Wow, already mid of January. Time flies. We hope you enjoyed and survived the holidays. I guess everyone is back into their usual routine by now. Well, we’re, because we love what we’re doing. So, this is a short overview what’s coming in the next month from our labels Adagio830 and Vendetta.

There’s already so much on the table for Adagio830 like the Sed Non Satiata / Carrion Spring split LP. The test press arrived and sounds unbelievable great! Then there will be a new Carson Wells LP, a new Ruined Families LP, a new Totem Skin LP, a Class (peeps of Holy) split 7″ and the highly anticipated Diät LP.

Vendetta splashs out too. He’s taking no hostages with the debut LP by Ultha, some new Ancst releases (say: a full length LP and a split LP with Ast), a Paramnesia LP, new Shadow Of The Torturer LP, a new Throwers record, Funerary‘s Starless Aeon LP and Usnea‘s self-titled album (with 2 bonus songs). But the year will start with these 2 releases, wich are out very soon, Children Of God / Breag Naofa split 7″ (tape version is already available) and Abstracter‘s Wound Empire LP. Stream the first song below and don’t forget, this is just the beginning!


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