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Bis Aufs Messer

That was a quick year. Unbelievable, but it’s almost over. We had such a great time the last 12 month, like our funny summer bbq or the big birthday bash at Tiefgrund, but mostly because of you. Without you we are nothing. Thanks for the massive support. So, a big applause to our friends and customers. And of course to the records. Music is our passion and we enjoyed so many this year. Here’s our obligatory Best Of 2014 list.




  • THE VAN PELT – Imaginary Third
  • HOBOCOMBO – Moondog Mask
  • TOTAL CONTROL – Typical System
  • RYLEY WALKER – All Kinds Of You
  • JOZEF VAN WISSEM / SQÜRL – Only Lovers Left Alive OST
  • ROWLAND S. HOWARD – Pop Crimes
  • THE BODY – I Shall Die Here
  • SCHREIN – EinsZweinSchrein
  • PUCE MARY – Persona
  • AUSMUTEANTS – Ausmuteants

And like always we want to know what you liked. Leave us a comment.



  1. A great list comes from our friend Falko Teichmann.

    Mica Levi – Under The Skin OST (Milan)
    Valentin Stip – Sigh (Other People)
    Idaho Joe Windslow – Secret Fleas In The Dwarf Palace (Psychic Sounds)
    David Thomas Broughton – UnAbleTo (Antiquated Future)
    Aíne O’Dwyer – Anything Bright Or Startling (Second Language)
    Killing Sound – Killing Sound (Blackest Ever Black)
    Mary Lattimore – The Withdrawing Room (Desire Path Recordings)
    El Mahdy Jr. – Gasba Grime EP (Danse Noire)
    Ashlee – Ashes To Ash (Other People)
    Delia Derbyshire – Inventions For Radio: The Dreams (Psychic Sounds)

    Check his DJ sets:

  2. HELL / MIZMOR split
    OWL’S BLOOD – Cold Night of Meditation
    NOVEMTHREE – Renewing
    THOSE POOR BASTARDS – Vicious Losers
    BLACK LIGHT – Night for Day
    SUN WORSHIP – Elder Giants
    THOU – The Sacrifice
    JOOSE KESKITALO – Ylösnousemus

    (die “VILKACIS – the fever of war“ kam ja eigentlich schon 2013 raus, deshalb fehlt sie)

  3. If you don’t know these records that were released during 2014 give them a chanse:
    Dags! – Dags!
    Do Nascimiento – Giorgio
    Havah – Durante Un Assedio
    Riviera – Riviera
    Storm O – Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo Ed Il Cerchio Sarà Chiuso

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