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I’m the lucky chap who saw free-form drummer Chris Corsano already twice this year.  The first time is only a month ago at this years A L’Arme Festival. He played with Berlin based double-bass player Clayton Thomas a fragmented and percussive set. It was a blast.

Corsano @ A L'Arme


The second one is only a week ago. This time at Monarch with American noise artist Jenny Gräf. Much louder than expected, but unbelievable pounding and almost hurting. Almost.

Corsano @ Monarch


Another great collaboration is his duet with guitar player Bill Orcutt. Unfortunately they didn’t appeared in Berlin yet, but we have this great record where they show off. Loud, noisy, abstract, dissonant, just perfect. Listen to one of 12 tracks of The Raw And The Cooked below.

Okay you missed Corsano, but you have the chance to see Bill Orcutt. He’s playing in Berlin in November as part of the beautiful Since The Devil Is Gone I Mostly Feel Lonely series.

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  1. Orcutt in Berlin? Saugeil!

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