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A great new series of short documentaries about the art of punk just started. Created by filmmaker Bo Bushnell and author Bryan Ray Turcotte, author of the best-selling Fucked Up + Photocopied book, one of the most comprehensive looks into the art of 70s and 80s homemade punk rock flyers. The first episode deals with very obviously Black Flag respective Raymond Pettibon and explores the visual art that informs the legend of the band, through album art, concert flyers, and all the rest. So, see Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Flea, Henry Rollins and Pettibon telling their memories.

Two more episodes are in the making. Next one will be Crass, followed by Dead Kennedys.


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  1. By The Art Of Punk II | Bis Aufs Messer Blog on 18 Jun 2013 at 10:14 pm

    […] Contemporary Art series about the art of punk was just released and after this great episode about Black Flag a week ago, the new one deals with legendary British anarcho-punk band Crass. And like Black Flag, […]

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