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Hmm, I wonder why everyone is talking about Dirty Beaches recently and why this will be their year. Don’t get me wrong I really like them and after their more ambient soundtrack to Water Park, they just released a great new double LP called Drifters / Love Is The Devil. But come on you have to admit too, their combination of tense lo-fi noise and sweaty rockabilly is far away from mainstream indie / pop or whatever. Their dark and stylish new video to Casino Lisboa confirmed this pretty vividly. Anyway, this band totally deserves a little bit of success.

Alright Berliners, don’t forget to catch them this Friday at Festsaal Kreuzberg as part of this awesome Teenitus Festival. And if you’re still hungry, listen to a super mixtape mastermind Alex Zhang Hungtai compiled for self/titled.

Besides Mark Bardley, Bourbonese Qualk, Vincent Gallo, Yoran and Stelvio Cipriani, all the artists on this mixtape are friends of mine that have inspired me or homies who I have crossed paths with that have made a big impression on me. I’m very happy to be able to share their great music with y’all, and please do check them out individually and explore further into their catalog. It will be worth your time; I promise.

Best, Alex.


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