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Ah, it’s almost summer and it’s getting warmer from day to day and I don’t wanna spend too many days inside like in the cinema. But I guess I have to. A new documentary about Father Yod and his Source Family was just released and makes their way to American cinemas. If you not familiar with Father Yod, you should definitely catch up because this dude was just unbelievable.  First of all he was owner of one of the country’s first vegetarian food restaurants in Los Angeles in the late 60s and founded later a spiritual commune in the Hollywood Hills known as the Source Family. But most importantly, he was also lead singer of the commune’s experimental psychedelic rock band, Ya Ho Wa 13. And they were super awesome. So, this documentary is their story. Watch the trailer below.

Unfortunately the movie has only dates in the States. Let’s hope on a European distribution sometime soon.


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