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Ultra busy and prolific noise dude Aaron Dilloway is kinda generous and gives his brand new solo album, called Siena away as a free download. Maybe it’s just a teaser because he uploaded a bunch of records of his own imprint Hanson Records as well. So, listen to more stuff from Kevin Drumm, Hair Police, The Haters or Emeralds. Siena below, the rest here.

And let’s not forget his former band Wolf Eyes. They are on tour and playing Berlin end of April. Can’t wait.



  1. kriegt ihr die tapes mal rein?

    • Eher nicht, allerdings kommt Dilloways Modern Jester wieder rein.

      • aww, schade, live and shave allein wäre schon geil gewesen. die modern jester fand ich ehrlich gesagt nicht so überragend, muss ich gestehen.

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