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Mid of December, everyone is doing it and we’re too. Writing Best Of … lists. I have to say it’s pretty hard, there were so many good and awesome records this year, but we restrained ourselves to just call our 10 favorites. So, here they are.



  • The Austrasian Goat – Paved Intentions DLP
  • Negative Standards – VI – XI LP
  • No Passage by Whitehorse – Whitehorse/Cross Split LP
  • Horseback – Half Blood LP
  • Black Mask – s/t 7inch
  • Children Of God – Victimized Flexi-7inch
  • Jungbluth – Demo Tape
  • Old Man Gloom – No DLP
  • Throwers – live
  • Divider – s/t 7inch


That’s it. Hard decisions were made. Hope you like it and answers the question why so many strange music is played at our store.

p.s. We’re also interested what you liked this year. Let us know. Thanks.


One Comment

  1. Hey, why no one told me about the Sylvester Anfang II record.

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