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Okay, this week concert-wise will gonna be the best possible week in Berlin I could imagine and I guess everyone with an awesome taste in music will agree with me.  It starts tomorrow, tuesday, when the reunited spiritual and cosmic jazzers from The Pyramids come on stage at Roter Salon. They released in the early 70s timeless records and after seeing them 2 years ago at Volksbühne I have to say this band around multi-instrumentalist Idris Ackamoor should be your favorite band too.

There’s is only one day to relax, because Thursday will be Peter Brötzmann‘s third appearance in Berlin this year. This time as Full Blast at Festsaal Kreuzberg, which means he plays with Marino Pliakas on bass and Michael Wertmüller on drums. Have you ever seen a Jazz band using a double bass pedal? Here they are and there’s nothing more to say about Brötzmann. He’s the man. Period. The cherry on top is the support. Maniac drummer Chris Corsano flips out with Clayton Thomas. I can’t wait!

And last of all the biggest surprise last week since I missed her show in Leipzig. Matana Roberts, Constellation Records spoken word free jazz export is playing on Saturday at West Germany. Yeah! Her last record was one of my favorites last year and what I heard from the Leipzig show, she’s playing new material which is even better. AH!


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