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Another fine new 10″ comes from Vendetta these days. From Montreal’s Le Kraken comes their third release. And what can I say, what a step. With Exil they create a thick wall of pounding riffs, drums & depraved vocals. A dirty, fuzzed out sound that goes perfectly with this kind of music. Think early Isis, Godflesh, Neurosis,… Playing heavy epic progressive-minded hardcore, Le Kraken stand out just for sheer power, injecting plenty of furious crusty heaviness and bleak atmosphere into their doomed riffing and slow-building eruptions of metallic moodiness. Influenced mostly by From Ashes Rise (who’s guitarplayer recorded this album), so pounding mid-tempo hardcore dirges and droning riffs, and some strategically placed eruptions of gloom-heavy thrash and D-beat to satisfy addicts of this sort of sound. It’s equal parts epic crustmetal a la Buried Inside, Tragedy, and From Ashes Rise, and the imposing crush of early Isis. Listen to the recordings below and get it here.

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