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Wow, that sounds like an awesome plan. Robert’s Adagio830 will release the new record by Italy’s Holy. After their debut 12″ on Hell Yes! Records Milano’s trashers recorded 14 crushing new tracks. Fast, pissed and sexy. The record will be out in February and they are on tour in late November. Catch them if you can …

23/11/12-Innsbruck (Austria), Cafè Decentral
24/11/12-Praha (Czech Republic), Café Na půl cesty
25/11/12-Krakow (Poland), Krakowski Rynek
26/11/12-Bratislava (Slovakia), Obulda
27/11/12-Budapest (Hungary), Szabad Az Á
28/11/12-Timisoara (Romania), Atelier DIY
29/11/12-Zagreb (Croatia), AKC Medica
30/11/12-Graz (Austria), Sub
01/12/12-Wien (Austria), Venster99
02/12/12-Augsburg (Germany), Ballonfabrik

… and listen to the first track of this upcoming record.


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