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Best saturday night ever! It was Harsh Noise night at NK and French master of static noise Vomir just blew my mind. After Torba’s and Tommi Keränen’s set Romain Perrot aka Vomir gave everyone in the audience a dark plastic bag to put over their head to seperate themself from everything else but the noise.


He entered the last corner of stage, the lights went out and the noise started. Just plain, static noise. No variation. No nothing. Just a man standing in a corner with his back to the crowd for 45 minutes. I completely lost track of time and place. Just me, the bag over my head, my breathing, the darkness, the sound. Almost meditative. So, imagine 40 people sitting or standing in a dark room with plastic bags over their head, not moving, this is probably hell for someone else. I liked it a lot!


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