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Last night a fancy line up appeared on Festsaal Kreuzberg’s program. Silver Apples, Black Dice and MV & EE. I wasn’t in the mood for broken noisey beats, so I missed Black Dice in the middle but it started just perfect with Matt Valentine and Erika Elder. Playing in front of the stage through their own custom made sound system accompanied by a super trippy light show. Worked very well and I’m so happy to finally saw this band live. Psyched-out Neil Young-like free folk at its best. Buy all of their records!

Hmm, Black Dice was up next. I saw them a couple of times and I’m a big fan of Beaches & Canyons but the last records aren’t my thing also the solo stuff by Eric Copeland. So I decided to enjoy the nice summer night outside to go back right on time when Simeon Coxe of legendary Silver Apples came on stage. If you don’t know them, this is proto techno, postpunk, krautrock. They were the first. The first two records (1968 and 1969) should be your favorites when you dig Suicide, Spacemen3 or Neu!. The unbelievable dancy set of old and new material was just absorbed by the giddy audience.



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