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And while it’s still raining outside (like every day) I have two more experimental mixtapes for you. Both are from the great music & art platform Secret Thirteen. The first mix is compiled by Ekoplekz, a  lo-fi electronic sound wizzard from Bristol. His mix is a sublime musical compilation, recorded live only from vinyls that were recently released by some notable artists such as Conrad Schnitzler, Chris Watson, Mark Van Hoen, NHK, Vatican Shadow amongst the other dexterous talents. It features 3 PAN releases and 3 from Editions Mego affiliated acts. Sounds pretty tempting to me. Listen and download it here.

The second mix is by Bj Nilsen, Swedish drone and ambient musician. He collected songs as a universal musical compilation where diverse records from different times are wisely blended into one with care and passion. This selection contains music of such creative artists as Brian Eno, Sun Ra, Nurse With Wound, CM von Hausswolff and other honorable musicians, and thus definitely brightens every human’s daily routine. And hey, when did you heard Lalo Schifrin’s theme to THX1138 the last time? And nothing goes wrong with DAF. Get it here.


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