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Good choice for a band name. Looks good in your profile if you don’t look too close.

(1) The New Yorker is an American magazine that publishes reportages, commentary, criticism, essays, cartoons, poetry and fiction. Originally a weekly, the magazine is now published 47 times per year with five (usually more expansive) issues covering two-week spans.

(2) The New Yorker is a melodic punk/post-hardcore band from Northwest Indiana.

If you don’t wanna educate yourself with good and interesting podcasts you should listen to the second The New Yorker. Members of this band are also in Lord Snow and Expandable Youth, and one was in Raw Nerve. Fans of furious bass playing, harmonic feedback tunes and emotional hardcore in the vein of Rites Of Spring or more noisy stuff like Shoppers will dig this record. The ten songs are all about a minute-ish long and the whole thing runs through so nice you’ll listen to it twice. Try Living Among Winners And Losers on their bandcamp page and grab it later here.



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