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Okay, the rest of your day is mine, music wise. First I’ll introduce you by watching a brilliant BBC documentary to Sun Ra, the most innovative jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, who came to be known as much for his Cosmic Afro-futurist Philosophy as for his phenomenal musical compositions and performances. Attention, strong words included.

By now you’re probably hooked on. Now you can decide by your own how to continue. You could listen to his enormous discography (and don’t forget the Batman record by his blues project) or you can watch Space Is The Place, the legendary movie from 1972. The order is optional, the rest is duty.



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  1. Sun Ra!!! Danke!!!

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  1. By Sun Ra | Bis Aufs Messer Blog on 12 Mar 2013 at 6:40 pm

    […] The tribute is divided into 6 parts, each approximately 2 hours for a total of 14 hours of amazing information and music. Listen and/or download it here. It’s the soundtrack of my next days. And if you’re addicted like me, don’t forget there is always his great movie Space Is The Place. […]

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