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Well, sometimes it’s really hard to live in Berlin. Tuesday Codeine, yesterday Charalambides. What’s coming tomorrow? Right, 100% Silk label show at Kater Holzig. Anyway, last night freak folk super stars Charalambides played a very intimate set at Marie Antoinette. Christina Carter’s voice and Tom Carter’s guitar playing fits so perfect together, you won’t believe it. They played for over an hour long and psychedelic tracks mostly from their last record Exile.

The atmosphere of the last song, a lullaby song by Christina alone was completely destroyed by this incompetent DJ playing a 80s disco track afterwards way too loud. What an ass.



  1. I hope he’s getting well soon.

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  1. By Tom Carter « Bis Aufs Messer Blog on 02 Oct 2012 at 1:54 pm

    […] Charalambides developed a severe case of pneumonia while on tour in Europe this past Summer. After their concert in Berlin he was hospitalized for several weeks. Now back in New York, he remains unable to work […]

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