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Okay, this is gonna be awkward, but I have to admit I’ve never heard a single 16 song before last week. Don’t ask me why, I don’t understand myself. Anyway, I did my homework and had a good listen through their discography. This L.A. based sludge band released since the early 90s records and for now I have to say Drop Out is my favorite. Imagine a dirtier and slower version of Helmet with an insane bass player. 16 just released Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds, the group’s sixth studio album via Relapse Records. Watch the new video to Her Little ‘Accident’ and get their records. Now!


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    […] I discovered 16′s music just a couple of weeks ago but since then I heard them a lot and like I already told you I really dig their 90s phase, but also the newer records are pretty good. So, we could be thankful, […]

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