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Baltimore’s A389 Recordings have just posted a label sampler online via a streaming/ downloadable digital mixtape. Clocking in at 52 tracks (and well over two hours of music) the digital mixtape showcases new and unreleased music from A389′s impressive and eclectic upcoming release schedule and of course some classics from the label’s current/back catalog.
Featured artists include: Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Countdown To Oblivion, Ilsa, Ringworm, Children Of God, The Guilt Of…, Anne, Pulling Teeth, Young And In The Way, Hatewaves, The Love Below, Empire Of Rats, Shin To Shin, Sick Fix, Kill Life, Enforcers, Pleasant Living, Gravehill, Nothing, Rot In Hell, Unholy Majesty, Integrity, Gehenna, Full Of Hell, Ancient Shores, Pale Creation, Withdrawal, Trapped Under Ice, In Cold Blood, Mindsnare, Masakari, Wisdom In Chains, Vermapyre and much more. (Click on the picture for listening and download options.)


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