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There are so many super good bands on Robert’s label you wouldn’t believe it and maybe don’t know, yet. So, finally here is your chance to find out about his label roster featuring old, current and new Adagio830 bands.


1. Stirling Says – Sausalito (Balboa)
2. Hanna Hirsch – En Vag Av Ljus, En Vägg Brus (Gå Hem Över Himlen)
3. Zachary Cale – Hello Oblivion (Noise Of Welcome)
4. Perfect Future – Routine (Split LP w/ List)
5. Kids Of Zoo – Mechanical Foetus (Kids Of Zoo)
6. MNMNTS – Somebody Put Something In My Think! (The Good Life)
7. Deadverse – Pigeons (Caution To The Wind)
8. Millions Of Them – Violence (Failures)
9. Lord Snow – Oh, How The Wine Talks (Sovngarde)
10. Wits End – Lullaby (s/t 7″)
11. Ancre – Monotype Requin (Nacre)
12. Terror Bird – She Kissed Me And I Fell (Secret Rituals)
13. Ruined Families – Bedroom Nihilist (s/t 7″)
14. Final Club – Blank (Blank Entertainment)
15. Sailing On – Witch (Hinterland)
16. Drowning With Our Anchors – I Am From A City That Broke Me, Three Rivers Of Stagnant Water (You Can Never Go Home Again)
17. Little Gold – On The Knife (On The Knife)

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