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I see myself as a self taught expert on Australian music especially the Melbourne scene. I’m pretty sure I know every band in every garage or every basement. So, I was really surprised when Robert told me about his last signing on Adagio830. Kids Of Zoo from Melbourne, Australia. What? Never heard of them before. I couldn’t believe it and every time he played their debut record in the store I thought man, who is this? They are not the typical Australian garage rock band, not so quirky like The UV Race or Eddy Current Suppression Ring, more rough like fellow Australians from Deaf Wish or Dead Farmers but still with a specific edge. There is a lot of 90s Noise Rock in this band and I like it a lot. Take the opener Anal Pastry for example. Hit, hit, hit!

And of course I love this accent and Robert for releasing such a great band. Get their album pretty quick, it’s limited to 300 copies. Enough blabbering, watch them perform at Fitzroy’s Old Bar.

This post is dedicated to Brendon Annesley, editor and label boss of Brisbane’s Negative Guest List who passed away way too young last week. Read about him.


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