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I’m following the transmediale for the last couple years. An awesome festival to celebrate new culture and music. They always have super interesting and exciting acts on their time table. Last year and this year too I was a bit disappointed with the line up. It seemed like the organizers went more for a safe way. Most of the artist already played in Berlin but maybe it’s just unfair to say this. It is a big thing in the city and a lot of people coming extra for this to Berlin. Well anyway, I saw some sweet shows and I don’t want to hesitate to tell you about my last week.

It started last Monday. To honor Conrad Schnitzler, German pioneer of electronic music who passed away last year was a important part of this year’s festival. For three days artist talked about his live and music in a re-opened Zodiak, the legendary music and performance space next to the HAU2. Wolfgang Seidel, a long-standing friend and associate of Conrad Schnitzler, and the Free Arts Lab, a changing line-up of artists, came together to play a free improvised set with a Schnitzler spirit. Totally great musicians played for one hour and the time just flew by. Very good and inspiring.

Another big part was the appearance of the visuals by the Joshua Light Show. They played on three days with different artist (Supersilent from Norway, Oneohtrix Point Never and Manuel Göttsching). I saw them on Wednesday with Norwegian supergroup Supersilent. They combine Jazz, Noise and Electronics in a hard to get cosmos. Together with the psychedelic and trippy light show this evening was way beyond my imagination and it kept me warm for a long and cold ride home. (Thanks Kevin for the ticket.)

An empty stage because recordings were forbidden but someone cheated. Watch a shaky clip here. Not sure how OPN was but I heard Manuel Göttsching didn’t played guitar. He (just) did a synthesizer set.

My plan was to see Grouper and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Saturday at HAU2  for their 7 hours performance but when I arrived around 11 at the theater it was still sold out. Hard to believe someone (everyone) stayed for the whole set. Read a review here.

The closing events are mostly the best. Last year I saw Peter Brötzmann & Mats Gustafsson. Mindblowing show. This year my last concert was Russian music students from Phurpa doing a over two hours show of pre-Buddhistic throat singing. Super unexpected, sometimes creepy and of course absolutely not healthy event. Too bad you missed it.

Too bad I missed all of the daily panels and exhibitions but there was no time and the program is so full. So, what did you see? I’m looking forward to next years issue.

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