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Sunday afternoon. You’re probably back in from a sunny but freezing cold walk through Berlin. It’s time for a cup of coffee and maybe some fresh baked cookies. If you already read your weekend newspaper you can watch Reality 86’d. A documentary about Black Flag’s last tour ever together with Painted Willie and Gone in 1986. Shot by Dave Markey who’s also responsible for the great Sonic Youth movie 1991: The Year Punk Broke.



  1. The My War tour changed my life. Meat Puppets and Black Flag together. AC/DC made me want to play rocknn’roll, but that show made me realize I could actually do it.

    • Wow, I can imagine.

  2. Still not sure about Nig Heist, though.

    • To be honest I’ve never heard a single song of them. I know there is a collection on Drag City, maybe I’ll check it out.

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    […] you remember Dave Markey, US photographer and director who worked with Sonic Youth, Black Flag and more is releasing with his friend Jordan Schwartz a new photo book about the hardcore punk […]

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