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Void Omnia is a new five-member black metal outfit from Oakland, created in 2013 and bringing together former members of Apocryphon, Mutilation Rites and Tombs among others. These are the facts, but the cherry on the cake is they released their first album Dying Light on Vendetta. The CD version is already available and the vinyl is coming sooon. 

Combing the classic diabolical Scandinavian sound and the naturalistic US and Canadian black metal.

Puh, what a beast. Mirrors For Psychic Warfare is Scott Kelly (of Neurosis) and producer & engineer Sanford Parker (of Buried At Sea, Minsk, Corrections House, …) . Their first self/titled album after a 7″ last year was just released via Neurot and sounds like a living nightmare. Creepy and deserted. Listen below if the words Post-Metal, Doom, Ambient and Drone aren’t frighten you.

You Fail Me was the last Converge record I was really into. So, I’m pretty excited about the re-release. It came originally out in 2004, they remixed and remastered the album and just released it as You Fail Me: Redux. Read everything about this process here in an interview with guitar player Kurt Ballou.

Listen to both versions of the title song and make your own mind. Below the old version and in the interview the new one.


You probably know Bráulio Amado from Adorno and Papaya. After he moved to New York City he established another great band project. Here comes Crime Department, less emo than Adorno, more garage than Papaya. Their first 7″ just came out and sounds awesome. Listen for yourself.

Remember David West? Well, that was of course a rethorical question. Bands like Rank/Xerox, Rat Columns, Total Control and Lace Curtain are pretty frequently on our record player. And now he has another project. Liberation. On his just released self/titled debut LP via Night School David shows his more electronic side. We dig it.

Electronic dance music’s rudimentary sampling, R’n’B and sound art.

Oh yeah, a little but super stylish documentary about Cleveland, Ohio based record plant Gotta Groove Records. Looks sweet.

What a great split LP. Two different yet equally exceptional sides of the UK emo / post-hardcore scene, with four new songs each from sad cowboys Human Hands and midlands indie-rock darlings The Blue Period. I was waiting for that LP my whole life.


Namedropping ahead, Al Montfort (UV Race, Total Control, Dick Diver, Lower Plenty, etc.), Amy Hill (Constant Mongrel, School Of Radiant Living), Xanthe Waite (Mick Harvey Band) and Zephyr Pavey (Eastlink, Total Control, Russell Street Bombings) are Terry from Melbourne, Australia and they play great misshapen glam pop tunes. After two 7 inches, Terry just released their first proper album, Terry HQ via Upset The Rhythm. And we love it, like everything Al is involved in.


And don’t forget they’re on a little Euro tour in September. Make sure you stop by and catch them like us in Berlin. Can’t wait.

Baltimore-based melodic hardcore band Angel Du$t (feat. members of Trapped Under Ice, Mindset, Praise and Turnstile) just released their second full length called Rock The Fuck On Forever. To promote this one they’ve shared a new video to Headstone and it is described as a magical journey through the minds of 3 very horny dogs. Okay?!?!

That’s what I call an appropriate name. Monoliths from Nottingham / UK are a monolith and they play heavy and slow riffs. The fact that members of Bismuth, Moloch and Ommadon are playing in Monoliths just warrant their quality. It’s a crushing and loud doom record!


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