The Blue Period

•February 13, 2016 • Leave a Comment

It seems like I’m stuck in time because my favorite release this week is a reissue of The Blue Period’s demo tape from 3 years ago. Okay, that’s not really why I get into a reminiscent mood. It’s about their sound. The play super sweet but also melancholic emo / indie songs which were kinda hip in the late 90s. Bands like Rainer Maria or Jejune comes in my mind. Do you remember them?

Blue Period’s Demo (summer 2013) is finally available again, this time on a 10″. 4 Songs. So good.

Ty Segall

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Okay okay, the new Ty Segall record is out, you probably know that already. But Emotional Mugger comes also with an almost 15-minute paranoid sci-fi horror short film where Los Angeles is as much the star as Ty Segall himself. Ambitious work.

Engine Kid

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Part 2 of our not well-established series Ohrwürmer. Today it’s Greg Anderson’s band Engine Kid, before Sunn O))) but after Brotherhood. They released 2 records and a couple of singles. The cover version of John Denver’s Mountain High from their first album Bear Catching Fish contains the line Rocky Mountain High, which is pretty catchy and you’ll sing it all day long like us after playing this great song.

Adagio830 Mixtape 2016

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Take a zip of our coffee and listen to Adagio830’s newest mixtape with current, old and upcoming Adagio830 smash hits. It’s the best combination!

Black Metal Cats

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We love cats and Black Metal is your favorite music genre. So, here comes the best thing from both worlds. The Twitter account Black Metal Cats.




Red Hare

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Super group alarm, Red Hare is Shawn Brown (Swiz and the original and current singer of Dag Nasty), Jason Farrell (Swiz, Bluetip), Dave Eight (Swiz, Bluetip), and Joe Gorelick (Garden Variety, Retisonic). Is there anything more to say? Hmm, okay. After their debut album Nites Of Midnite from 2013 the band is releasing a new 7″ soonish and completing a new record at the moment. Well, it’s late ’80s / early ’90s D.C. post-hardcore like expected. Watch the video to Silverfish from the upcoming 7″ below, which also features a a cover of Lungfish’s Sphere of Influence. Can’t wait!


•February 2, 2016 • Leave a Comment

Remember when we were super excited about Berlin’s newest demo tape sensation? Seher came out of nothing and caught us immediately. Atmospheric black metal with super catchy melodies. Not even an year later comes their debut LP. Nachzehrer features four long songs and we are playing them all the time. You should do it too.

Out now via Vendetta. Get your copy here!



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