Absolute Power

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Pissed and angry hardcore is exactly what I want right now. Perfect timing for Absolute Power’s self-titled debut album. And the fact that Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, No Faith, Longings, …), Mark McCoy (Charles Bronson, Failures, …), Andrew Jackmauh (Boston Stranglers), Ian Jacyszyn (Castevet) and Chris O’Coin (Wasteland) are the band members makes it way more interesting. Youth Attack knows what I want.


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A mysterious new band comes from England. Wode plays this kinda hip version of apocalyptic Black Metal but also reminds me of these dark hardcore bands from the 90s. After a demo tape they just released their self-titled debut album. We’ve got a few of the vinyl version here but there’s also a CD coming via Vendetta very soon. Listen below and get addicted.


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What a weird name, Babyfather. Mh, well, it’s Dean Blunt’s new project after Hype Williams breakup. I’m listening right now to his just released debut LP via Hyperdub and it reminds me lot of Madlib’s alter ego Quasimoto. Maybe we can see it as the UK version of The Unseen, nonsense it sounds totally different. Slowed down beats, shady vocals and guest features by Arca and Mica Levi. I guess I’ll play BBF for awhile.


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One of my all time favorite songs is Oven by The Melvins from their seminal Ozma album. So heavy and so catchy in both ways I could listen to it over and over.

And it seems like I’m not the only one who likes it. There are tons of cover versions. Here’s my little list.

Pig Destroyer (Prowler In The Yard)

Helmet (Born Annoying)

Full Of Hell (Amber Mote In The Black Vault)

Did I miss something? Let me know.


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We were just talking about Judge’s show in Berlin two years ago and now I found this little video of this show. So, there’s nothing more than Judge playing The Storm at SO36 in 2014. Maybe you see yourself or familiar faces in the audience.

Daniel Bachman

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Our friend Daniel Bachman is back in Europe and his tour starts next week. We love his style of finger-picking guitar playing and his sophisticated compositions. I personally can’t wait to see him again. His Berlin show will be on Tuesday the 26th at Donau115. See all the other dates here.


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I know, I know, we’re all waiting for Nails new record You Will Never Be One Of Us. And it’s nearly here. Just a little bit longer. But we can listen to the first song already.

And I am the only one who sees the Pantera resemblance in this video?

We believe this video not only stands out as far as quality and expression, but represents us in the best possible way that a music video could. It conveys the emotions that you might experience from us if you come to one of our shows. This video shows what we are, doing what we do in this band. No pretense, no overblown image, no bullshit, no gimmicks, no artificial/cheap attention grab. This video IS NAILS. Fucking period.



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