Salad Days Tour

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We’re so super duper excited to finally see the great documentary Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90). Schnick Schnack Schnuck prepared a euro tour for this movie and it starts in a couple of weeks. Here are the dates:

11.03. GER – Berlin / Moviemento
13.03. GER – Darmstadt / Zucker
15.03. GER – Berlin / Moviemento
16.03. A – Vienna / Schikaneder Kino
17.03. NL – Groningen / Vera
18.03. GER – Munich / Maxim kino
19.03. GER – Hamburg / Lichtmess-kino
20.03. S – Malmö / Spegeln
21.03. S – Gothenborg / Folk (w/ painted wolves)
21.03. I – Milano / Santeria
22.03. GER – Münster / Cinema & Kurbelkiste
23.03. CZ – Prag / Moment
24.03. GER – Leipzig / UT connewitz
25.03. NL – Utrecht / Springhaver (w/ the village coffee)
26.03. NL – Amsterdam / Melkweg (collab w/ Grauzone)
27.03. B – Ghent / 019
02.04. DK – Kopenhagen / Stengade (w/ night fever)
10.04. GER – Wiesbaden / Murnau Filmtheater

And to get in the mood watch the trailer (again) and / or listen to the last Pharmacy radio show featuring Guy Picciotto (Fugazi / Rites Of Spring / One Last Wish) talking about his view on the Washington DC scene below.


The Pharmacy Radio # 26 - Guy Picciotto of Fugazi / Rites of Spring . . . . . by Mr.Pharmacist on Mixcloud

Sed Non Satiata / Carrion Spring

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Wow, and another pre-order is online. It’s getting busy at our hq (I told you so). French post-hardcore / screamo / post rock experimentalists from Sed Non Satiata came together with Portland, Oregon’s Carrion Spring! And let me tell you it sounds great. Both bands have their own sound and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. Listen to their split record below and get a pre-order copy here.


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It’s getting brutal outside. Berlin’s powerhouse Ancst has a couple of things on their agenda. First their new split record with fellow post- Black Metal act Ast.

Both bands have recorded new material which made them progress further into their own genre niche: Relentless black metal / hardcore crossover with unorthodox elements and still very traditional ones.

Listen to this record on Vendetta below and get your copy here.

And then there is of course their big euro tour with label mates Children Of God starting end of March. Go and see them! All date are here.

Ancst & Children Of God


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And speaking of reissues. Relapse Records just reissued 4 Nasum records, almost 10 years after lead singer / guitar player Mieszko Talarczyk passed away. Shift (2004), Helvete (2003), Human 2.0 (2000) and Inhale / Exhale (1998) are 4 brutal in-your-face grindcore albums. Nothing to add. Listen to Helvete below and get your copies right away.

(Union Of) Uranus

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Wow, Uranus’ Disaster By Design is almost 20 years old. Can’t believe how good this record sounds like after all those years. Unbelievable dark and pissed hardcore. Well, this is pre His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy stuff. Nothing more to say, unmatched!

Farewell and Great American Steak Religion rereleased Disaster By Design as a 12″ with a completely reworked and new artwork. Don’t sleep on this!

Song Exploder

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I’m listening to a lot of podcasts lately. And between my Harmontown and This American Life episodes appears now and then a new one. Song Exploder, a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Their latest one is Blonde Redhead’s song Penultimo. I liked the Microphones episode and the Julia Holter one too. But maybe you start with this one. Converge is telling their story about Dark Horse from their latest album All We Love We leave Behind.


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Superchunk‘s Merge Records is on a roll by signing Melbourne’s Twerps. After releasing a series of vinyl singles and cassettes on various labels around the world they enjoyed immediate success and boy I loved their first proper self-titled album from 2011. Now, they’re back with a new single as forerunner to Range Anxiety, their debut full-length for Merge Records. Watch Back To You below and get the 7″ here. Argh, can’t wait to hear the complete record.

Edit: Stream Range Anxiety here!


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