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I’m not sure if David Bazan’s Pedro The Lion is still around, but Suicide Squeeze re-released their 7″ Progress from 2000 again with two bonustracks as double 7″ in a sweet looking gatefold cover and it is still a unique singer-songwriter record with bittersweet melodies, somnambulist instrumentation, sparse arrangements, and introspective lyrics.


Fade Kainer’s (who is also the mastermind behind such bands as Batillus, Theologian, Tombs and a regular collaborator of Jarboe) solo-project Statiqbloom is in our ears for a while. His album Mask Visions Poison is already from 2013 but only now gets a vinyl release via Adagio830 and Vendetta. Imagine a modern version of the breakneck intensity of EBM / Industrial bands like Ministry, Skinny Puppy or KMFDM and you get an idea what Statiqbloom sounds like. It’s the soundtrack to a dark and cold world. Urban decay.


Yes, Ruined Families are back! Our favorite Athenians recorded 10 new songs for their new album Education which is up for pre-order right now and will be released in November.

And again, they are playing ripping & furiously pissed-off hardcore! Watch an awesome video to Image Of An Image below and get excited (as we are).

Well, another little present from Adagio830. A mixtape with 8 songs of newer and upcoming releases. The Bad Vision, Levitations and Slow Worries LPs are already released. Dark Blue, Kindling, Rank // Xerox, Artefact and Härda Ut are coming sooner or later.

CC Dust is the new project from Olympia, Washington-based Maryjane Dunphe (of Vexx fame!). Together with David Jaques, CC Dust plays romantic synth pop dancefloor anthems with a (certain) John Maus touch. Sounds completely different than Vexx but has the same vibe and attitude. Does this make sense? Listen to Never Going To Die from their self/titled debut below.


Oh ja, Dark Blue’s second album Start Of The World is almost ready for its release. After their first record Pure Reality on Jade Tree and the singles collection Red White on Adagio830, Dark Blue improved their sound and wrote the most exciting songs. Listen to Never Wanted To Hurt You below and pre-order your copy of Start Of The World here.

Is Tony Molina’s Dissed And Dismissed already 3 years old? Wow, time flies. Good news, he’s back and getting ready to release his new EP Confront the Truth via Slumberland, and he has shared a couple of new songs from that. Playing in thousand different projects like Caged Animal, Oven, Scalped, … his sound changed from Weezer-meets-Thin-Lizzy to a more mellow one. Can’t wait to hear all songs from the new album.


Album number 4 called Stage Four. Ah, I get it. L.A. post-hardcore band Touche Amore is back with their first record for indie major Epitaph Records. Well, they got softer over the years but this is definitely not a minus point and the moment you listen to Jeremy’s lyrics you’re convinced. Once again a great record from a great band.

Watch the video to the first single Palm Dreams and listen to the whole album below.

How many Thee Oh Sees records do you need? Well, I have no idea. With endless albums and 7 inches it’s really hard to say. But this doesn’t matter, because Thee Oh Sees are Thee Oh Sees and their new album A Weird Exits is again an ace psychedelic garage rock record. Watch a (weird) video to Dead Man’s Gun or listen to the complete album below.

A super sweet video comes from UK’s cutest punk band Martha today. Well, they released their newest album Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart earlier this year via Dirtnap Records and it is like you can imagine a record full of bittersweet & catchy indie / garage tunes.