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Sleep is back (kind of). Their first song after their highly acclaimed album Dopesmoker from 1999. The Clarity is a 10 minute long song and was previously only available digitally through Adult Swim and was now pressed on vinyl. Comes on a single-sided 12″ with a nice etching on the b-side.


Artefact assembled in the Welsh capital, Cardiff, around late 2014 and debuted in early 2015 with a seven-song demo cassette. Members played in Joanna Gruesome, Plaids, Twisted and some more.

Their first album Votive Offering is out now via Adagio830 and if you have an open ear for older bands like Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, The Mob or Part 1 and also like current bands like Belgrado, Arctic Flowers or Anasazi you should definitely listen to Artefact.


Oh yeah cool, we’ve got a few copies of Atlanta-based Doom band Zoroaster’s second album Dog Magic back in stock. Those 6 songs diversify from groove-laden jams to epic sloooooow doom intermingled with psychedelic spacey Moog ambience. Wow, far out.

Most of the current Black Metal bands we like are coming from a straight punk / hardcore background. Sounds weird but also ideal, because you can be sure about some political views.

Dakhma are deeply rooted in the Michigan punk / hardcore / diy scene and playing super heavy and raw black metal inspired punk with hideous female vocals to top it everything off. Raze is their second release after a demo tape and it sounds super filthy. Imagine Cloud Rat playing Wolves In The Throne Room.

Fun fact: The cover is made from an inside out used record cover (made from Thou / The Body split LP covers)!

Mothercountry Motherfuckers was Sarah Kirsch’s last band project before she passed away in 2012. So, Confidental Human Source is a post mortem release and we’re so happy to finally listen to this album. It’s raging 90’s Ebullition style hardcore influenced by bands such as Yaphett Kotto, Torches To Rome, and Bread And Circuits (obvioulsy). The 11 songs on this album had been recorded in 2010, before her death, and originally planned to be released on a Zen Arcade-like double-LP album.

Oh and afterwards you can listen to a Maximum Rock’nRoll radio show which pays tribute to the incomparable Sarah Kirsch. Her bands, message, influences and her passion for life and music. Here!

Brighton-based Fall Of Efrafa was a band from 2005 till 2009. The band’s name and all lyrics & subject matter were directly inspired by the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams. They created an unique post-rockish and crusty hardcore sound and everyone was talking about them.

Two of their latest releases were the EPs The Burial and Tharn which are now repressed. Still epic.

“Lisa/Liza is the lo-fi, psych-folk recording project of Maine-based guitarist, singer and songwriter Liza Victoria. Deserts of Youth is her debut LP, after numerous limited edition cassette and CDr releases. Deserts of Youth is an intimate collection of seven original songs, recorded at home by Victoria, using just her voice and her acoustic guitar.”

That’s Orindal Records’ promo sheet to Lisa/Liza’s debut album and since we’re big fans of the label work especially Robert Stillman’s Rainbow or Julie Byrne’s Rooms With Walls And Windows we’re super happy about every new release. And this one is no exception, a very tender and quiet version of Mount Eerie‘s work.

Christie Front Drive was a midwest emo outfit formed in Denver, Colorado in October, 1993 as part of the Colorado post-hardcore scene. They cite influences such as Superchunk, Sunny Day Real Estate and Drive Like Jehu. Their first 7″, originally released on Freewill was now reissued by Magic Bullet Records and brings you 2 of the most heartbreaking emo songs you’ve ever heard. Classic!

Let’s start the year with a damn filthy band. Wound Man from New Bedford, Massachusetts started only as a recording project but eventually turned into full band. Filthy sludge meets brutal power violence. The 7 inch on Iron Lung is mean but the album Perimeter on Painkiller is fucked up.

Favorite band alarm! Hoover were active between 1992 and 1994, released a couple of singles, a great full-length on Dischord and as final statement a self/titled EP on Slowdime. They are the missing link to understand the characteristic post-hardcore sound from Washington D.C’s early 90’s. The EP is finally reissued and we’re very grateful for this. Thanks.