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Dreamboat is the new collaboration project between weird-folk singer / guitarist Ilyas Ahmed and the amazing analog synthesizer / processed bass clarinet duo Golden Retriever. Previous records by both acts were pretty often on our turntable. So, it’s no surprise that we like Dreamboat. Their self/titled debut LP comes via Mie Records and is one epic ambient drone voyage. Or like the label says, imagine Tim Buckley sitting in on the first Cluster recording session or Neil Young with the Taj Mahal Travelers as Crazy Horse covering Popol Vuh and you are almost there. Listen to the A-side below and get your vinyl copy here.

A digital compilation of the Australian doom scene featuring our favorite band Whitehorse, what can go wrong? Whitehorse’s song External Oblivion comes from their great split LP with Negative Standards (whose new album Fetters rips!). Some more tracks comes from Space Bong, Inverloch, Hope Drone, Mournful Congregation but also from bands we’ve never heard of. Loads to discover.

Chris of Vile Nation and Ex-Cult decided with Ty Segall to form a new band. Together with Charles (of Fuzz and Charlie And The Moonhearts) on drums, they recorded a first 7″ for In The Red last year. And now their first self/titled album was just released. And it sounds way more different than expected. It’s a straight out of the garage rock.

Okay, this weekend starts good with a new Dinosaur Jr. record. What do you need more to get in a chilled and excited mood? And again Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not is a great and super catchy album. Watch a little live performance of Murph, Lou and J playing Tiny on Jools Holland some month ago and get your copy here.


And fun fact, the cover artwork comes this time from german painter Daniel Richter.

The new Ultha 12″ Dismal Ruins comes like a little surprise. Both songs were planned for a split record with Paramnesia from France. Unfortunately the band was forced to sit out some time due to health issues in the band. So Ultha decided to release the two song they already recorded as an EP.

This 12″ comes with a screenprinted b-side and is housed in a screenprinted heavy cardboard cover. It looks fantastic. Get your copy here.

NYC postpunk crew Cheena features not only Eugene of Dawn Of Humans fame but also Margaret Chardiet aka Pharmakon. On their first proper record, Cheena plays frenzied, surf-y punk jams with layers of guitars. Listen to some songs below, taken from their just via Sacred Bones released debut LP Spend The Night With … .



A pretty short (!) TV documentary about the Austin punk scene in the 80s. Including of course The Big Boys and The Offenders. Looks kinda crappy but also super funny. It’s a fine four minute time-waster for anyone interested in that scene.

Two-piece bands are always kinda interesting. Reduced to the essential. Geryon is Nick and Lev of Krallice fame playing technical Avantgarde Death Metal without guitars. Just a drum set and a bass. Sounds weird? It sounds weird! The duo strips their chaotic sound to its bare minimum elements. The Wound And The Bow, a followup to 2013’s self-titled debut 12″ is definitely a love or hate record. I love it.

Ashbringer, an atmospheric black metal band from the Twin Cities, Minnesota started as a solo project by Nick Stanger some years ago. Now with their new record Yügen, Ashbringer grew up into a full band. So, it’s time to re-release their first output on vinyl. Thanks to Vendetta you can listen to Vacant on your turntable at home. They create an incredible and unique atmosphere especially the eerie mix between sweet ambient keyboards and wooden acoustic guitars. Fantastic.

You know we have a sweet spot for DC label Dischord Records. Yesterday they posted its entire archive on Bandcamp, which means you can now stream every Dischord record for free. And again, what a catalogue!


But don’t forget we have most of their releases on vinyl. And it is still the better format. So, what are you listening next?


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