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Remember when Adagio830 released this awesome 10″ by Chicago band Ittō some years ago? Well, they are back with a full length record, right on time for their already started Euro tour with Joliette. On Pursuant Ittō plays again heartbreaking, raging and tricky Emo / Screamo. Eleven great songs on one great record. Tip! Tip! Tip!

Crows An Wra

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After their great show here in Berlin at the Miss The Stars Festival a couple of days ago, we finally got Crows An Wra’s newest output. The Kakotopia 7″ brings you 3 new songs of an awesome style of Emo / Screamo. So good.

Downfall Of Nur

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Downfall Of Nur is Buenos Aires based (but Italian) musician Antonio Sanna. This one man Black Metal project creates a really special kind of sound. Avantgarde & atmospheric Black Metal mixed with downtempo and melodic parts. Mesmerizing.

Vendetta just released his album Umbras E Forestas which came out as a CD in 2014. Listen to Sa Aurora De Sos Astros below to get an idea what he sounds like and order your copy here.

80s Punk Community From Russia

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Moscow based photographer Igor Mukhin documented the Russian punk scene in the 1980s. Unbelievable photos. He wants to release a collection in a photobook. Support his project here.







Totem Skin

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Remember when Adagio830 released Totem Skin’s second album Weltschmerz last year? Everyone was blown away. So much power, energy, darkness, atomsphere and ferocity on one record. So, there was no hesitation when Robert was asked to do the repress of their first album Still Waters Run Deep. It comes with a slightly different artwork and it looks super nice. Listen below and get your copy here.

Negative Standards

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Oakland punks Negative Standards are back! Yes, their new album is coming out soon via Vendetta and you can already listen to two new songs. Their mixture of Hardcore, Crust and Doom always gets me. On the new record they add additional Noise by Sutekh Hexen member A.C. Way. Wow, I can’t wait.


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One of our favorite band and people from Berlin are Levitations. After their Partners In Crime 7″ comes finally the debut record. And we’re proud to say that our very own Adagio830 will release this albumin late summer. You can already listen to the first song of Dust. Here’s Nightmare.


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