Ian MacKaye Talk

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Our friend Tom (of Ancst & Henry Fonda fame) pointed out this great video from last year starring Ian MacKaye talking at the Library Of Congress. Well, everyone knows this guy from Minor Threat, Fugazi, The Evens, Dischord but also listening to him speaking about his bands, the label and the Fugazi Live Series archive is so entertaining and funny. Give it a try.

Craig Leon

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Not sure if it’s some kind of miscommunication or a weird form releasing politics but Craig Leon’s electronic masterpiece Nommos from 1981 was re-released twice this year. The first one came from Superior Viaduct and features the original LP and the second one just came in via Rvng Intl.. This DLP combines Nommos and Leon’s second recording Visiting.

The whole story about Craig Leon and Nommos is so fascinating and strange at the same time. He worked as producer on early singles from the Ramones and Blondie. Other production credits include Suicide’s 1977 debut LP and Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ Blank Generation. Nommos originally was released on guitar picking hero John Fahey’s label Takoma and catches you with the first tone.

For UK magazine FACT he did an impressive mix, so don’t sleep on this one.

Leon’s spent much of the last 25 years working on modern classical releases, and his FACT mix draws from that milieu, blending drone, gamelan, krautrock and microtonal work. It’s gorgeous, and features a sprinkling of unreleased works to boot. Bernard Parmegiani, Annette Peacock, Tony Conrad and George Gerschwin all feature.

Crows An Wra

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Wow, after their great 10″ Crows An Wra from Cornwall released their first proper album. Kalopsia is an addicting record without boundaries. Think of At The Drive-In, Refused or Blood Brothers or maybe I’m totally wrong. Listen for yourself and get your LP version here.

And don’t forget, they are coming on tour with Bonehouse in October. Playing Berlin on the 30th at Bei Ruth. All other dates are here.

J Mascis

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J Mascis can’t go wrong. Dinosaur Jr frontman just released a beautiful new solo record, Tied To A Star and of course there is new and pretty funny video too. Every Morning features Fred Armisen (of SNL & Portlandia fame) and is based on the story of  a religeous cult called The Space Children Of The Forest. Well done.

Surface Noise

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Surface Noise


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BIS AUFS MESSER turns 8 in october… we invite all of you to party with us at one of our favorite venues in the city ( tiefgrund )

there will be live music by: LORD SNOW , AFTERLIFE KIDS , NADJA , TALL AS TREES , ORCHESTRA HIT , some exhibitions, some talking, some drinking… it’s a matinee show, so show up around 5



More infos here: https://www.facebook.com/events/729130483813192

American Football

•June 26, 2014 • 2 Comments

That’s weird. In 1999 American Football’s self-titled record came out, but just now they did a video for the opening track Never Meant. Lucky coincidence, this record was just re-released with 11 demo and live tracks as an extra. Well, American Football was a mid-western emo band and the moment you heard them for the first time you immediately recognised Tim Mike Kinsella of Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc and Owls – fame.


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