American Football

•June 26, 2014 • 2 Comments

That’s weird. In 1999 American Football’s self-titled record came out, but just now they did a video for the opening track Never Meant. Lucky coincidence, this record was just re-released with 11 demo and live tracks as an extra. Well, American Football was a mid-western emo band and the moment you heard them for the first time you immediately recognised Tim Mike Kinsella of Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc and Owls – fame.

Portable Record Player

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Hmm, maybe I’m not hippie enough, but I never got the idea of a portable record player. Should I sit on the beach and listen to old Blues tunes or having a BBQ on Tempelhofer Feld while putting on my latest Black Metal discovery? Maybe I’m just not the type, but after seeing this short clip I totally get the entertainment value of collection those little thingies.


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To promote their new album Psychic 9-5 Club, Melbourne duo HTRK did a pretty sweet mixtape for Modular People. A sweet little eclectic mix full of gems and like on their last album there are no genre borders. Listen and download the mixtape here and read a short interview too.

Tom Is The Bastard / Marnost

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Mr. Vendetta did two new interviews for our friends at CVLT Nation. The first one features our favorite new Black Metal band Marnost from Czech Republic. This name is familiar to you? Well, I introduced them to you a couple of weeks ago. To learn more about their music and ideas read his interview here.

The second interview is with our good friend Tom Is The Bastard. You might know him from Henry Fonda or as former member of Afterlife Kids. But this long talk is more about his art as a graphic designer. This dude has something to say. Here!

Bis Aufs MesserOur latest flyer comes from his mind. We dig his stuff.

At A Pressing Plant

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We can’t wait to get some new records from the pressing plant. Get excited.

Pressing Plant

Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge is back with a new record. Yes! After a 7″ and their first LP Fragments Deux Memes our favorite French guys just released Totem via Adagio830, Pure.Pain.Sugar and Bakery Outlet. I’m sure you’re already aware of them and you know they are 4/5 of Daitro, but their sound is kinda different to Daitro. Indie meets Postrock, a noisy edge and let’s not forget the trademark French vocals. Think of Unwound, Twelve Hour Turn or Sonic Youth. Damn, they are good. Listen below and get your copy here.


Total Control

•May 22, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Our favorite Australians are almost ready to release their new album. How long did we wait after Henge Beat, can’t believe it? Well, it’s getting serious in late June. The first song from their 2nd LP Typical System will be Flesh War and you can listen to it below. Not sure what to think about yet. Sounds very cheesy with synth and melodies to me. We’ll see. Still excited.


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