A389 Records Mixtape

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Baltimore based label A389 Records is one hell of a label with a crushing rooster featuring bands like Integrity, Full Of Hell, Bloodlet, Haymaker, Ringworm, ….

To get an idea what they all sounds like listen to a new 54 song ! compilation mixtape below. Killer!

Peaking Lights

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Our favorite LA duo Peaking Lights is coming back with a new record. Cosmic Logic is out soon but as a teaser there is already a funny new video to Breakdown.

So, don’t let your phone fuck up your life. Keep it in your pocket and have a slice of pizza instead.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

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Do you have some 3D glasses near you? No, not the new ones, I mean those good old-fashioned red & blue paper frames. Well, if not you have to see King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s new video to Cellophane from their upcoming new album I’m In Your Mind Fuzz in a weird and blurry way. Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the Melbourne psych-rock band then check out the compilation of their latest two records Float Along – Fill Your Lungs & Oddments. Great stuff.


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Robbie Basho Tribute Concert

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I wish I had joined this great Robbie Basho Tribute concert at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia two month ago featuring our favorite guitar players Daniel Bachman and Ryley Walker. Well, Glenn Jones and Arborea who are also great played too. All proceeds of this show went to benefit the feature documentary Voice of the Eagle: the Enigma of Robbie Basho. Totally looking forward to watch this one sometimes. But first see some snippets from the show below.

Ben Koller View

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Seeing a show from a drummers perspective is probably a rare experience unless you’re a drummer. Thanks to those little head-cams we can enjoy Converge’s Ben Koller during Trespasses from All We Love We Leave Behind at the Rain Fest in Seattle this past May. This guy is sick!

James Blackshaw

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Hmm, I missed British guitar player James Blackshaw last Monday here in Berlin, so I’m not sure about if he played older solo material or tracks from his latest record Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat, a soundtrack to this same titled art house movie. Recorded live at the Théâtre de Châtelet in Paris in October, 2013, along with an ensemble of fellow Important Records label mate Duane Pitre, Simon Scott of Slowdive, and multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Glasson. See below a 14 minutes long video of this stunning performance.

Or listen to the complete record here.


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